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Steam Dummy

Streetcar service began in the Druid City in 1883 with the arrival of the first horsecar trolley. Operated by the Tuscaloosa Street Railway, mules and mustangs pulled the streetcars on rails throughout the city. This “contraption” was in use for over a decade before the tracks were taken up by city order in 1896.

River Market

Along with a great view of the Black Warrior River, you can come to the Market for locally grown, fresh vegetables and fun events.

Old Bryce Hospital

Bryce Hospital, founded in 1861, is Alabama’s oldest and largest inpatient psychiatric facility. In 2009 it was decided to build a new facility in a nearby location and has since been closed for repairs.

Moon Winx

The famous sign dates to 1957 and was designed by Pickens County folk artist Glenn House. “It’s not my crowning achievement,” House says, “but it’s the longest-lasting piece of art that I’ve ever done.” It survived Tuscaloosa’s greatest natural disaster. Mr. House has a gallery in Gordo, Alabama.

Queen City Park Swimming Pool

The pool and bath house were designed by Don Buel Schuyler, an apprentice to architect Frank Lloyd Wright. They were constructed as a WPA project during the Great Depression.

Old Tavern Museum Importance

Built in 1827, it served as a tavern and hotel on the stagecoach route that ran through Tuscaloosa. Many business deals and acquaintances were made in the tavern.

American Christian Academy

American Christian Academy is a thriving private school, grades pre-k through high school. Through partnerships with the parents, ACA’s main focus is to instill Christian character and academic excellence while developing a spiritual, intellectual, and cultural education for each student.