Discovery Wall

16′ by 5′ by infinity

Tuscaloosa is one of only a handful of cities to present this generation of technology. The Interactive discovery wall is far more than a vast computer screen; it is a portal to the unknown. Start your journey with points of interest like people, places or events, then let yourself wander through a continuously expanding web of content. Discover legendary figures from our community’s past – the difference makers who helped shape our city. Travel from place to place, uncovering hidden gems and points of pride in the area as you go. Or dive into a continuously evolving collection of special curations – from sports to history to food and music – you never know what you will discover next at the Gateway.

Old Wooden Train Trestle

Have you ever seen a train in the sky near an Amphitheater? Imagine a historic wood and steel bridge, built in 1898 for the Mobile and Ohio Railroad, 135 feet high and 3,600 feet long and still in use today! You can see it from parts of Northport and Tuscaloosa.

Tuscaloosa Museum of Art

More than 1000 works of art are awaiting you at the Tuscaloosa Museum of Art! The collection amassed by Jack Warner as investments for Gulf States Paper, now the Westervelt Company, is considered to be one of the greatest private collections. Enjoy this experience!

1932 Tornado

This destructive F4 tornado on March 21, 1932, was the first of 10 that occurred on this day, eight of which were in Alabama alone. About 2,000 people were left homeless, and 37 were killed in the area.

Mal M. Moore, 1939 – 2013

The former athletic director at The University of Alabama sits at his desk that overlooks the practice field. Dr. Witt, former president of the University, called Moore “the most successful and admired athletic director” at UA.

Rev. Thomas Gilmore, 1941 – 2015

The Very Reverend Thomas Gilmore was a leading figure in the civil rights movement in Alabama and the first elected African American sheriff in Greene County. Known as the “Sheriff Without a Gun,” Gilmore served his community for 12 years before retiring in 1983 to become a pastor.

Robert N. Almon Sr., 1933-2014

Robert N. Almon Sr. was the founder and longtime head of the engineering firm Almon & Associates. Almon planned the widening of 15th Street from a two-lane street to a six-lane thoroughfare, and the Tuscaloosa Riverwalk.

Nick Saban

When it comes to college football, Nick Saban is a king among men. Since taking over as head coach of the University of Alabama football program in 2007, Saban has led the team to 4 National Championships (2009, 2010, 2011, and 2015).