Meet-Up Space

“Collaborate and Innovate”

Your next big idea starts at the Gateway. From small gatherings of two to five people, to 42 in the training room, to large groups of up to 129, The Gateway can adapt to your needs and support your team with the latest technology and gigabit internet access. From massive monitors to handheld tablets, we can equip your group with the tools you need to inspire, imagine, and create.  Brainstorm, map out strategies,  and even visualize your ideas with our 3D printer.  Tap into the Gateway’s creative energy and drive your vision and your teams forward.  The Gateway is perfect for:

– Off-site brainstorming

– Technology meet-ups

– Product and service line roll-outs

– Organizational planning

– Team building

– Visioning sessions

– Networking events

– Design challenges

And more. The possibilities are defined by you.